A Rising Powerhouse

Throughout history the countries of the world have undergone one financial crisis after another and after every crisis these countries exert their efforts to recover.

The beginning of the year 2016 showed that the Chinese economy is beginning to slowdown. This phenomenon is not only affecting the country but the whole world as well. Alongside China are other large-scale developing countries such as Russia and Brazil who are suffering from the lack of infrastructures and housing as well as the weakening demand in external markets. The United Sates on the other hand is faring better, but this does not mean that it is far away from a pre-crisis. Meanwhile Europe can still feel the impact of the recent Brexit crisis.

While these countries are experiencing looming cloudy skies over their heads, one country can distinguish itself from them. India has recently been seen with an increase in performance and a growth in rates.

India’s current growth trend is attributed to a number of strengths. This begins from a very low base, which gives ample room for growth. Another is the fact that India has a relatively large and young population both of which provide the country with an advantage because 50 percent of its population fall under the age of 25 and below, while 65 percent are somewhere near 35 meaning that the country has a relatively young labor force.

The current developments in the world’s economy are also giving India the positive environment it needs to continue growing. However, a lack of demand may bode as a problem for India, but this is quickly compensated by its low commodity prices. One thing to note is that the country depends largely on the numerous imports of many items such as oil.