Why Regulated Brokers cannot be considered a Fraud? ITRADER is not a Fraud

ITRADER fraud is another attempt to scathe a decent firm. It is undeniable that some Forex brokers in the market are not trustworthy simply because they operate on a scam basis. However, there are still financial intermediaries that remained reputable like the ITRADER.

Despite being tagged by some reviews as ‘ITRADER fraud’ published in the web, this online broker is far from being one as it incorporate a truthful and honest service to its clients. Moreover, ITRADER is legally and lawfully regulated, making it an unqualified candidate to the growing list of brokers deemed as fraud.

Let us get it straight. ITRADER is not a fraud, neither those brokers that are regulated. And the so-called ‘ITRADER fraud’ brought up by unreliable reviews with false claims is basically an attack to the name of the company that has created a loud noise in the foreign exchange market by being a strong, effective and powerful platform for traders.

Remember that regulation is a must and advantage for any brokers. That is why ITRADER has exerted maximum efforts to pass the standards and be fully regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySec) and made sure that its business is operating in light of the law.

Furthermore, ITRADER pursued such regulation in order to protect its clients from the abuse and the uncertainties of the market by establishing better products, high safety standards, safer trading environment and lawful guidelines.

So if you feel hesitant about this broker because of the looming ‘ITRADER fraud’ fiction, turn to its regulation and let it speak about its credibility.