Lady Gaga tour earnings

Lady Gaga, the woman behind the collaboration with Tony Bennett, the screamer together with Metallica at Grammys, and the breath-taking performance at Super Bowl. Once again Lady Gaga has proven her versatility as a performer on her Joanne World Tour. The tour started at Vancouver’s Rogers Arena on August 1, and the show went well.

According to Billboard Box score, Lady Gaga earned $8.7 million on her first five shows from the total of 78,530 sold tickets. Approximately, her Joanne World Tour could earn an estimated amount of $100 million at the end of 59 dates summing the potential earnings from the arena and stadium events.

As what Billboard has estimated, Lady Gaga’s possible earning from both area and stadium events of her Joanne World Tour could accumulate to up to $100 million in earnings from nearly 1 million tickets being sold. In which this record could actually surpass Lady Gaga’s previous tour: The Artpop Ball tour, which had 74 shows and has brought an approximate amount of $83 million.

Lady Gaga’s first breath-taking performance took place at Edmonton’s eleven-month-old arena at Rogers Place, acquiring a total of $1.4 million sales from the 15,002 sold tickets on August 3.  At August 5, it took place at Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, Washington. The show earned an amount of $2.1 million from the 19,296 attendees of the concert; it is quite bigger to the concert at Rogers Place.

Lady Gaga’s ticket price is relatively more expensive than the other concerts she had before. The ticket price $251 matched to $175 four years ago. Her gross profit improved 72% this year compared to the Born This Way Concert.

Her next concert was held at Inglewood, California. Here she grossed $3.6 million from the 2-night stand concert. A report claimed that the concert held 28,567 viewers for both days. Lady Gaga’s concert manifested her headlining debut at the Forum since it was unattainable during most of her earlier tours, which is caused by either private ownership or the venue’s major renovation.

In accordance to this, The Forum reopened for concerts in January 2014, Lady Gaga also had a tour at the same year, however, Lady Gaga’s Artpop Ball tour was not held at the Forum but at the Staples Center. Lady Gaga is claimed to return to the Forum later this 2017 for her Joanne World Tour’s final concert which will be held on December 18.