Microsoft in 2016

It seems that people of certain backgrounds like to make fun of Microsoft. It has dated and sometimes bloated software. Having released an operating system intensely hated that most of its clients did not upgrade until they came up with another one. How has the company performed this year?


Microsoft reported earnings from its first quarter to be 67 cents per share on its revenue of $21.66 billion going against the prediction 59 cents per share on its revenue of $21.03 billion by analysts.
Microsoft has also cut 1000 or about 1 percent of its workforce around this time according to CNBC but this was unrelated to the first quarter.

On its second quarter earnings it has reported earnings of 78 cents per share on $25.69 billion revenue. Another good performance from Microsoft considering that analysts have expected Microsoft to report earnings of around 71 cents per share on its revenue of $25.26 billion.

The company’s predictions for the third quarter is revenue of around $6.4 to $6.6 billion in its Productivity and Business Processes segment, $6.1 to $6.3 billion for its Intelligent Cloud segment and $9.1 to $9.4 billion in their More Personal Computing segment.

Microsoft and how it is Successful

Although the allure of the Xbox One which seems to be tailored to be an all-in-one entertainment system and Skype’s cost-free audio and video conferencing around the world may look exciting and at the forefront of enjoyable living in the 21st century, their effect on Microsoft’s overall income are minuscule.

The company’s success lies in the everyday business of letting users create and manipulate documents. Microsoft gives software to users that execute a computer’s most important functions. Although not as alluring as it sounds it generates serious revenue.