Financial Reviews

Consumer Price Index

What is it? Also referred as “headline inflation”, the Consumer Price Index or CPI is a means to measure the weighted average of the goods and services that are purchased by consumers. The goods and services can be categorized in to eight groups and these are: Apparel Education and communication Food and Beverages Housing Medical…
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Canadian Dollar and Oil Prices

Canada had been in a six month bind last 2015, with the Canadian dollar declining by 12 percent which was relative to the U.S. dollar. Coincidentally, the prices of oil plummeted by 48 percent. This shows that the drop in oil prices has a correlation with the value of the exchange rate between the Canadian…
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A Rising Powerhouse

Throughout history the countries of the world have undergone one financial crisis after another and after every crisis these countries exert their efforts to recover. The beginning of the year 2016 showed that the Chinese economy is beginning to slowdown. This phenomenon is not only affecting the country but the whole world as well. Alongside…
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